After graduating from the School of Visual Arts, Hal Sadler began a long career as an Art Director/Designer in Advertising. He currently owns his own design studio specializing in corporate branding and collateral. When it comes to his painting, this background has helped create work that is strong in both concept and design. He produces about 3 paintings a month and his work ends up in many private collections. “Either that or my kids have been taking them”, he laughs.
“People discuss art and pretend to understand as if it were necessary to understand, when it’s simply necessary to love.” he says, “After I’d done 100 paintings I figured it out. I stopped overworking and overthinking.
The painting leads the painter.


As a painter of landscapes, I find inspiration everywhere: in the colors of summer, an afternoon’s shadow, the shapes in the sky. Each painting is an experience, a journey to capture a scene’s atmosphere and mood, its essence.

I begin as an observer and end an interpreter; working loosely from photos until reference gives way to imagination. Bold colors, shapes, and textures start to work together in visually interesting ways. My process is investigative, a search for the spirit, an unpredictable and exploratory practice, a rush to connect the angles of color and the shadows to the light.

Through painting, the landscape—whether the timelessness of the desert or the brilliance of a sunrise—loses its concrete meaning on the canvas. It distorts and abstracts, and eventually, the essence of the image—its color, movement, and surface—emerges. The resulting work allows onlookers to cast their own imagination onto the painting. They are, in turn, transfixed, moved, and transformed by its impression.