Anthon was part of the East Village Art scene of the 1980’s, showing alongside Keith Haring and Kenny Scharf before he veered into experimental film making and teaching. He is now back to pursuing his original love of streaks, grunge and grain in his current work. His work has been used for album covers, book illustrations and in home decor.
In contrast to the above, Anthon has also worked as a scientific photographer, publishing images taken on various microscopes, including the electron microscope.
Anthon continues to teach computer, art and coding to elementary school students, a calling which is personally rewarding and enlightening.


The evanescent quality in these images is achieved entirely in-camera with the use of long shutter speeds even in bright sun. Color and technique are not photoshopped.
A lifelong fan of dimensional and fractal theory, it is no surprise that it has been said that his images evoke the concept/feeling of traveling through time.