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Artists FAQ

How do I become an artist on Artfully Walls?

Artfully Walls is a curated online art marketplace. If you are interested in selling your art on our site we would be happy to hear from you - please send us a request at and include a link to where we can view your artwork.

Do I have to pay anything to be a part of Artfully Walls?

No, you do not have to pay anything to sell your artwork on Artfully Walls.

How much do I get paid?

Our commission rates are competitive. Each time you select a print size for your work, you will see exactly how much you will earn each time a print is sold (in addition to its retail price). Below are a few examples of print sizes, their retail price and artist profit:

Paper Print Price Examples

8x10 - Retail Price: $24.50 Artist Profit: $7.25
16x20 - Retail Price: $64.00 Artist Profit: $14.67
28x36 - Retail Price: $159.00 Artist Profit: $36.59
40x52 - Retail Price: $262.00 Artist Profit: $52.52

Canvas Print Price Examples

8x10 - Retail Price: $78.00 Artist Profit: $18.63
16x20: Retail Price: $154.00 Artist Profit: $36.77
24x32: Retail Price: $245.50 Artist Profit: $60.10
36x48: Retail Price: $475.00 Artist Profit: $121.05

How do I get paid?

We pay via PayPal.

How often do I get paid?

Your funds are available for you to withdraw 15 days from the time that we receive payment for your work which was sold.

Why do you need tax forms?

The U.S. Government requires each artist residing in the US, who has sold artwork on Artfully Walls to fill out a tax form in order to receive a full payout. If no tax form is filed with Artfully Walls, we will withhold the maximum rate set by law which is 30% in an account then payable to the U.S. Government.

What kind of prints do you produce and what are their quality?

Our prints are museum quality and use the highest quality materials, further outlined below.

  • Fine art paper - 100% cotton rag paper, 320 GSM, white, cold press
  • Photo paper - thick, white, matte
  • Canvas - fine poly-cotton blend with 1.5" stretcher bars
  • Archival inks

Are you exclusive?

We are non-exclusive meaning that you can continue selling your artwork as you are doing so now.

Do you sell limited editions?

Yes we do. You get to decide whether you would like a specific edition to be open or limited, and to set the edition size.

What are Artfully Walls “Styled Walls”?

Artfully Walls curates art being sold on the site onto unique displays known as Styled Walls, that allow consumers to be inspired and get a better feeling for how to hang artwork on their walls. Styled Walls showcase a complete look for a wall including art, frames, wall colors and papers, making art accessible and easy to connect to.

What is the Artfully Walls “Try on Wall” feature?

Artfully Walls developed an advanced algorithm based on Augmented Reality technology which is accessible via our mobile app. When clicking “Try on Wall” on the site, consumers initiate a flow that lets them view Styled Walls and art they select, on their OWN walls in real time through their mobile phones.

Am I responsible for printing and shipping my art or for anything else?

No. Once you have provided us with the required images, we take care of all the rest, including printing, packaging, shipping, billing and customer support.

How can I promote my work on Artfully Walls and help increase my sales?

Artfully Walls has built into the site features which can help you promote your work on our site and increase your sales. Below are some tips for things that you can do to help maximize your exposure:

  • When you open your shop on Artfully Walls let your friends know and invite them to visit - share the link to the site on Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter and via mail. We have integrated these platforms onto our site to make this super simple for you.
  • As you add new works to your shop on Artfully Walls, let you friends and customers now - you can “like” works, share them on Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter and via mail, as you make them available on our site.
  • If you have a blog or website promote your shop on Artfully Walls and let consumers know that your work is available to purchase there.

How to I start selling on Artfully Walls?

After accepting you as an artist on our site, you will have to register as an artist and accept the verification mail sent to you. Next, all you have to do is upload high resolution images (preferably 300 dpi) of at least 3 prints you would like to sell on Artfully Walls, along with your PayPal information and relevant tax form, so that we can pay you once your work sells. Additionally, it would be great if you included in your store some biographical information about yourself (a short bio, CV, artist statement, profile photo) so that consumers who are interested in purchasing your work can learn more about who you are.

What if I don’t receive a verification e-mail after I create an account?

First, check your Spam folder to make sure the mail wasn’t sent there. If you still did not receive the verification e-mail, please send us an e-mail at with the subject Veriify My E-mail Address.

What should I include in my bio?

Your bio should include information about yourself that you think could be relevant to consumers interested in your artwork, including your education, prizes and awards that you have won, information about collections your work is in, etc.

What should be included in my artist statement?

The artist statement is where you can tell consumers interested in your artwork about it. You can describe what inspires you as well as your philosophy, techniques, work processes, and what you are trying to achieve and express with your art.

Do I need to include a profile image?

Your profile image is not mandatory, however, we recommend you include one, because consumers are interested in seeing the person behind the art.

What if I no longer want to sell a certain print on your site?

Once a work is placed for sale on Artfully Walls, you can decide at any point that you no longer want to sell it by clicking the “Not for sale” button on your dashboard. However, it may still be displayed on the site unless you send us a request to remove it. As for closed editions, once an edition has sold out, it will no longer be available for sale on Artfully Walls.

How do I cancel my account?

All you have to do is send an e-mail to with a request to cancel your account, and we will do so.