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About Us

Artfully Walls is a highly curated online shopping destination, bringing quality art to art lovers looking for affordable solutions. Artists featured on Artfully Walls are hand-picked by our team so that we only sell the art we love to our customers.

Our goal is to inspire users to browse, shop and fill their walls with art they love. Our collection of beautifully styled walls showcases the art prints sold on our site, and provides looks that can be easily recreated by users on their own walls. Styled walls on Artfully Walls, are compositions of the works we sell, created by designers. Each styled wall has a unique look and feel, that depends on the art included, frames used, and wall backgrounds selected - every user can find the right styled wall to match any decor style and room in their house. Styled walls can be purchased in their entirety, or users can decide to purchase only specific works that are featured on the wall.

Prints sold on our site are museum quality fine-art prints made with archival inks and premium paper and canvas, resulting in vivid and stunning pieces. Additionally, with our app for iPhones, that utilizes advanced augmented reality algorithms, users can view how entire styled walls or individual pieces of art will look on their own walls before actually placing a purchase. All it takes is a click of the "Try on Wall" Button. Once users install and sign into the app, they can view how the selected works look on their own wall.

Our site is built around an engaging, immersive and social shopping experience that advances the online art shopping experience to a whole new level.