I paint with gouache on paper and my subject is either florals or landscape. I studied horticulture and worked professionally at the New York Botanical Gardens, then as my own boss as a garden designer. I went to art school in NYC where drawing was a strict discipline. I taught myself how to paint with gouache by trial and error and lots of experimenting. We live in two places- NYC and upstate NY where there is over ten acres of land, some of which are flower gardens (and lots of weeds!). I love Scandinavian folk art, pottery and textiles as well as modernist styles of painting especially cubism. Right now I'm experimenting with collages and these can be seen on my website


When working, I look for questions or a "beautiful question". If I find a good question or problem, this will spark my curiosity and can lead to a wave of creativity. I am of the opinion that one needs to be fearless in front of the page or canvas- if this means throwing off a manner of working you are comfortable with so be it. It's staying curious about the subject and the materials that's most important to me.


B.J. Spoke Gallery, Huntington, NY, United States, 2017
SITE: Brooklyn Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, United States, 2017