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Painting is my greatest love. Within my work you will get all of me. There is no thought involved, there is only unforgiving honesty.
I have worked in the creative field of set design and art directing for more than seventeen years around the world for amny high profile magazines and commercial clients, but now I have finally come back to what I believe I am meant to do, and that is paint.

I lost eyesight at age 13. I was legally blind for a period of almost 8 months. I laid in hospital beds imagining I could still see, but there was not even an ounce of light let in through my optic nerve, which had exploded like a glowing firework behind the surface of my eyes. It came back eventually after a long struggle of medication and testing. It was one of those moments in time that made all the difference. I am now grateful to understand the loss of what it is to see. I tend to “see” a lot every day. I am always looking, searching the surface of the world for things that entice my eyes because now even though my optic nerve is still damaged, the light does pass through and the colorful world that we live in is forever a vision to me.

I am 36. I am a single mother of two daughters Kodie age 15 and Zana age 6. They are two great beauties inside and out, my most profound creation yet. They inspire me to laugh more and mostly at myself. They keep me strong, not allowing for much weakness in this world.

We have lived all over the world, on farms and in great cities. We have travelled together as a unit, taking in life as we go and absorbing as much as we can fit into the frame of ourselves.

We love the Ocean, and so now are based in Portland, Maine, surfing the icy waves up and down the coast. Every day is certainly an adventure.


My work as an artist reflects bold and swift, yet calculated movements with paint rich in it's pigments. Paint is my most familiar medium allowing me to move freely on canvas, board, paper or textiles, expressing graphic forms of abstraction that live harmoniously in delicate balance between color and line.
My work represents my truest state of being, acting almost like a reflex, a representation of my most honest feelings. My strokes and gestures with paint are calculated to work together as a whole. My practice as a painter is unforgiving, fresh and direct with the use of my materials.


Corey Daniels Gallery, Maine, United States, 2014
Sawkille showroom, Rhinebeck, NY, United States, 2012