Yoel Gilinsky

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Yoel Gilinsky is a classically trained artist, having studied at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, and receiving his B.F.A from the Department of Fine Arts as well as a B.D.F. (with excellence) in graphic design from the Department of Graphic Design . His works are shaped by his love of Islamic calligraphy, adoration of Gaudi, and influence from traditional Jewish manuscripts


And God's Angel Came to Me, Gerstein Gallery, Tel Aviv, 2010
Angel Lover, High Touch, Herzliya, 2008
Childhood Memory, The Other Gallery, Talpiot College, 2001
Angel of Sabotage, Ishur Zmani Gallery, Tel Aviv, 2001
Toward the Third Millennium, The Gallery at the Goren, Jezreel Valley College, 2000
Putting the Puzzle Together, The Workshop Gallery of Art in Yavne, 1996
Icons, Stage A, Arsuf Gallery, Rishpon, 1993
Personal Objects of Ritual, Haifa Museum, 1992
Departure Point -- Sculpture, The Photogography Department Gallery, Bezalel, 1991
Personal Symbols, Tat-Rama Gallery, Tel Aviv, 1985
The Hanshog from Safed, Alon Gallery, Jerusalem, 1982
Self Portrait, Jerusalem Theater, Jerusalem, 1980