Eva Magill-Oliver

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    Eva Magill-Oliver is an artist currently living and working in Asheville NC. She creates delicate, meditative, paintings and drawings that reflect and explore different elements of the natural world. Presently, her work explores the theme of “transition” after having returned to the United States after spending several years in France.

    Her main subject matter is drawn from abstractions and patterns found in nature and organic environments. Eva feels a strong sense of connection between herself and her constantly evolving and transitioning natural surroundings.

    Her mediums of choice are oils, pencil, pen, and ink. The variance in materials adds a textural interest that she uses to mimic those found in the environment.
    She also enjoys working in layers, producing an element of controlled design and a fresh transformation with every new stage.


    Nature has always provided me with a source of inspiration and equilibrium, and continues to be a major influence in my most recent body of work. They explore the movements and connections found in nature. I am interested in the subtle variations in environments and how form and color flows and is influenced by another. They
    are about a sense of place rather than a specific destination and are mostly created from memories.
    These landscapes represent a personal sanctuary and a mental solitude that I seek to find in my daily life.