JAMIE CORLEY grew up drawing dresses with her fashion designer grandmother and collecting art with her collector grandfather. She thinks of creating art as a series of experiments. Naturally, her studio in San Francisco’s Mission District is her lab. After years of experimenting with different mediums, textures, styles and subjects, she released a series of floral paintings in early 2016. After friends and family asked her for more works, she decided to create limited-edition Giclee prints in order to “bring more flowers to more places.”

CORLEY is a self-taught artist (under the tutorship of her artist grandmother). She has also studied at the Washington Studio School and University of California Berkeley Extension School. Her work has been shown at Art Explosion and she has featured work at the Global Women’s Fund Initiative and Alzheimer's Awareness auctions.

A native of St. Louis, MO, she lives and works in San Francisco, CA.